Cloud Foundry Diego, Lattice, Docker and more

bycornelia davis


Colorado Cloud Foundry Meetup
May 19, 2015
Lattice and Docker with Cornelia Davis

Starting with a comparison of the current core runtime of the Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime, to the new Diego rewrite, we take a tour through how linux containers can run a variety of image formats, including Docker. We talk about one way that you can get the Diego functionality in Lattice, a container scheduler that runs on a laptop or as a cluster in the cloud. We talk about ways of creating container images including Cloud Rocker and we draw it all together with a bunch of demos.

Abstract from the meetup:
What is Lattice (

Lattice is an open source project for running containerized workloads on a cluster. A Lattice cluster is comprised of a number of Lattice Cells (VMs that run containers) and a Lattice Coordinator that monitors the Cells.

Lattice includes built-in http load-balancing, a cluster scheduler, log aggregation with log streaming and health management.

Lattice containers are described as long-running processes or temporary tasks. Lattice includes support for Linux Containers expressed either as Docker Images or by composing applications as binary code on top of a root file system. Lattice's container pluggability will enable other backends such as Windows or Rocket in the future.